Habit Tracking App — Recify

Both creating or destroying a habit can be challenging for anyone. Nonetheless, with the proper resources, anything is possible.

The Challenge

Steps followed

Process for a UX/UI project
Process for a UX/UI project
Project process summarized in 5 phases

01. Problem Choice

How the topic was chosen

02. User Research

2.1. Creating a Survey

76% of respondents said that they enjoy eating out and can afford it; and only 10% of them wanted to decrease their habits of eating out.

Lean Survey Canvas for the Initial Survey

2.2. Understanding my users

Demographic summary of interviewees
First round of affinity mapping (10 minutes)
Second and third rounds of affinity mapping (10 and 5 minutes respectively)
Summary of the main topics drawn from the Affinity Mapping

2.3. Problem Statement

Summary of the Problem Statement
Profile of our user persona

03. Sketch

First drawings from Crazy 8s

04. Iterations

CHANGE Nº1: The Home Screen

Iteration process of the home screen

CHANGE Nº2: The Recipe screen

Iteration process of the recipe screen


Iteration process of “Your Favorite Recipes” screen


Iteration process of the “Your challenges” screen

05. Prototype

Some of the prototype screens

Key Learnings and Next Steps

Recify: challenge your friends to cook with you

Young passionate proactive woman. Open mind and curious seeking to launch a social entrepreneurial project.